Laboring on Labor Day

A message from Steven Almendarez (Founder)

This weekend, all around our nation our citizens will be celebrating Labor Day. To some, it marks the end of summer. To others, it’s just another day off of work and a reason to barbecue. But for the men and women who go forth and serve on the front lines of society and those who came before them, stood up and sacrificed so we can enjoy the freedoms, liberties and labor rights granted to us today.

Labor Day is not just a day off of work, but a day to remember that we get to work and provide for our families and ourselves. The men, women and children who came before us, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and beyond fought for us so we would not have to fight and struggle now. They fought on “their” own battlefield. They encouraged others to stand up and fight for their rights, and for ours. They empowered themselves, fought and overcame adversity – the “RogerThat” way!

So when we start up the BBQ and kick back by the pool, take a moment to remember that this “day off” we know as Labor Day, was hard fought for with blood sweat and tears.

Roger that?!