We put your needs above everything.

We know how hard you work because we’ve been there too. We created Roger That so you can look and feel great no matter what you do.

Designed with wellness in mind, our all natural grooming line and high-performance apparel have been put to the test and approved by those who work just as hard as you do.

With Roger That you can look and feel invigorated and refreshed no matter your mission.

Roger That is for anyone who puts their life on the line for others. It was created by heroes for heroes.

Whether you’re a first responder, military or a front-line doctor or nurse, Roger That was created for you.

Created by heroes for heroes

We know it’s not just about the clothes you wear. It’s about how you feel when you put them on. It’s what it says about you. How you want others to think of you.

It’s about belonging to something greater than yourself — a brotherhood and a sisterhood. It’s about being a refined warrior!

That’s who we are. We are heroes. And we created Roger That for heroes who won’t compromise their personal appearance, style and well-being anymore!

Designed with Wellness in Mind

You work hard every day, and your health matters. Grooming, hygiene, and wellness are essential for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. That is why Roger That made it its mission to provide you with a 100% natural line of grooming products and high-performance apparel.

We make our products in consultation with an apothecarist and aromatherapists, as well as other wellness professionals to offer products that not only look good but provide both emotional and physical benefits. Ranging from comfortable, moisture-wicking apparel to calming and anti-inflammatory grooming products, Roger That is here to serve you.

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